January 2019

2nd January -  Chocolate Chestnut Pots




I saw a picture of these, undecorated, a couple of weeks back, and even plain, they looked  luscious. They would be perfect for our New Year family feast. I wanted to make them look a little more special though, so used some of the candied orange peel as a topping. The pudding is rich and velvety, and I can hardly believe how easy these were to make. I used a recipe from Nigella Lawson as a starting point, missing out the alcohol as children would be eating this.

100ml cups (compostable ones, which was a bonus) were just right for individual servings, and the quantity I made filled 18 of these. However, I am giving quantities to make 6, as it is a much more likely amount to make really


What you need:

125 ml double cream

125 ml full fat milk

175g dark chocolate, the darker the better

1 large egg

250g chestnut puree ( I bought this in a pouch: Merchant Gourmet brand)

3 level tbsp caster sugar

a further 6 tbsp double cream for topping

6-8 pieces of candied orange peel strips, previously dipped in dark chocolate, although plain will be good too

What to do:

1. Heat the milk and cream together in a saucepan, until nearly boiling

2. Add the sugar and stir until there are no crystals left. Turn off the heat

3. Break up the chocolate and put it in a food processor, blitzing it until broken into small pieces

4. Pour the hot cream into the processor and leave for 30 seconds

5. Turn on the processor for 45 seconds to blend the chocolate into the cream

6. Now add the chestnut puree and the egg, procesing until completely smooth. (This took nearly five minutes)

7. Now ladle the mixture into the serving cups, and leave in the fridge to set. (I left them overnight)

8. Roughly chop the candied orange peel. I had dipped the ends in dark chocolate when I made it, but plain will still be very good

9. Carefully pour 1tbsp of cream onto the surface of each pot of chocolate, and sprinkle on the chopped orange peel

And that is that!  I said it was easy but goodness me, it is rich and deeply chocolately. There is no hint of chestnut flavour, but it provides a wonderful texture.  They do keep for  aday or two in the fridge too... what's not to like?