Sowing & Planting Plan 2018

Weather conditions will impact on the sowing and growing as always, along with life in general, but I hope that committing the plan to paper will help me remember to sow later crops such as Florence fennel, and to plan where what I have sown is going to grow.....say it quickly, it sounds good......

It has also helped me ensure I have the seeds I need to hand, so I am not constantly ferreting about in the bottom of the seed tin, only to find what I had planned to sow is either missing or woefully out of date

Worth a try, at least!

Globo onions

December 2017:

Onions: Globo (deep tray in greenhouse)

Leeks: Lincoln (pot in greenhouse)

Serrano Chillies

January 2018

w/b 23/01

Chillies: Lemon Drop, Alberto's Locato Rococco, Hangjiiao1, Serrano, Yakori Bakan, Razzamatazz, Hungarian Peach. Early Jalapeno, Padron, Joe's Long Cayenne, Sweet Piquante (In mods in propagator)

Sweet Peppers: Long Red Marconi, Sweet Mix (mods in propagator)

Aubergines: Black  Beauty, Pinstripe (mods in propagator)

w/b 31/01

Beetroot: Detroit Crimson 2, Bona, Boldor, Subeto (mods in greenhouse)

Spring Onion: Lilia, White Lisbon (mods in greenhouse)

Mangetout: Kent Blue, Indian Golden Podded (mods in greenhouse)

Peas: Hatif d'Anonnay, Hurst Green Shaft (mods in greenhouse)

Broad Beans: Wizard, Red Epicure (mods in greenhouse then to cold frame)

Lettuce: Little Gem (pot in greenhouse)

Sweet Peas:  Scented Mixed (pots in greenhouse)

Early Scarlet Horn Carrots

February 2018

w/b 19/02

Leeks: Porvite, Elefant, Bleu de Solaise, Bulgarian Giant (deep tray in greenhouse)

Tiger Nuts: (pots in greenhouse)

Oca: (pot in greenhouse)

Plant out - Shallots: Vigarmor (Plot 145)

w/b 26/02

Potatoes: Swift (PT1 under cloche)

Coriander: (large pot in PT1)

Carrots: Early Scarlet Horn, Nantes 5 (direct in PT1)

Magnolia Tendril Pea

March 2018

w/b 12/03

Beetroot:  Chioggia, Cylindra, Detroit Crimson 2 (direct on Plot 146)

Carrots: Sweet Candle, Autumn King 2, Nandor, Purple Haze (direct on Plot 146)

Peas: Hurst Green Shaft, Terrain, Boddington's Tall Soup Pea  (mods in greenhouse)

Sugar Snaps: Magnolia Tendril Pea, Quartz (mods in greenhouse)

Turnips: Snowball (direct on Plot 146)

Salad leaves/herbs: Celery Leaf (mods in propagator) Basil (pot in greenhouse)

Plant out - Early peas and mangetout in PT1

               - Maincrop onion sets: Fen Early/Spitfire, Red Fen/Garnet, Rumba (both plots)

w/b 19/03

Dwarf French Beans: Speedy (mods in greenhouse)

Radishes: Zlata & Cherry Belle (direct on Plot 146)

Lettuce: Black Seeded Simpson (pot in greenhouse)

Tomatoes: Golden Sunrise, Oxheart, Yellow Plum, Marzano Plum, Chocolate Cherry, Spanish Green & Red, Moneymaker, Apero (mods in propagator)

Plant out - 1st Early Potatoes: Lady Christl, Charlotte on Plot 146

                - Beetroot mods (PT1)

Pot up, or plant out if large enough: Cabbage Duncan, Calabrese Marathon, Cauliflower Maybach (bought in, 6 of each)

w/b 26/03

Sweetcorn 1: Swift (mods in greenhouse)

Courgette: Parthenon (mod in greenhouse)

Chervil: (direct in PT1)

Plant out - Broad Beans: Wizard, Red Epicure (Plot 146)




Malabar spinach

April 2018

w/b 02/04

Parsnips: Vulcan, Duchess (direct Plot 146)

Malabar Spinach (pot in greenhouse)

Swede: Invitation (mods in PT1)

Spring Onions: White Lisbon (mods in PT1)

Coriander: (direct in PT1)

Dill: (direct on Plot 146)

Watercress (large trough PT1)

Beetroot: Subeto (direct Plot 145)

Calabrese: Monclano (mods PT1)

Rocket: (mods PT1)

Basil: Greek & large leaf (mods greenhouse)

 Plant out - 2nd Early Potatoes: Kestrel (Plot 145)

               - Maincrop Potatoes: Inca Bella, Kondor, Pink Gypsy, Ambo, Juliette

w/b 16/04

Dwarf French Beans: Speedy

Climbing French Beans: Monte Gusto, Monte Cristo, Carminat (mods in greenhouse)

Climbing Drying Beans: Cherokee Trail of Tears (mods in greenhouse)

Runner Beans: Moonlight, Firestorm, Black Knight, Celebration, Bench Master(mods in greenhouse)

Tomatoes: Mountain Magic, Crimson Crush, Ferline (mods in propagator)

Parsley: Giant of Italy (direct Plot 145)

w/b 23/04

Courgettes: Sure Thing, Coucouzelle, Lungo Bianco (mods in greenhouse)

Winter Squash: Thelma Sanders,Winter Dumpling,Cornell's Delicata, Butternut Hercules, North Georgia Candy Roaster, Ute Indian, Autumn Crown, Sharks Fin Melon (mods in greenhouse)

Melon: Outdoor Wonder (mods in propagator)

Sweetcorn 2(mods in greenhouse)

Cucumbers: Zeina, Telegraph Improved, Gherkins  (mods in greenhouse)

Radishes: French Breakfast (direct on Plot 145)

Chard: Bright Lights (mods PT1)

Plant out  - Sweetcorn 1 PT1)

                - Courgette Parthenon (PT2)

                - Dwarf Beans (PT1)

                - Yacon (pots in PT2)

                - Oca (pots in PT1)

                - Tomatoes (PT2)

                -Chillies (PT2) (Razz & H Peach in PT1)

                - Sweet Peppers (PT2)

Runner Beans

May 2018

w/b 07/05

Purple Sprouting Broccoli: Early Purple (mods PT1)

Beetroot: Cylindra (direct PT1)

Lettuce : Little Gem Maureen (pot PT1)

Mangetout: Oregon Sugar Pod (mods greenhouse)

Beetroot: Boldor, Chioggia (mods PT1)

Turnip: Snowball (mods PT1)

Pak Choi: mixed (mods PT1)

w/b 14/05

Radishes: Summer blend (Plot 145)

Florence Fennel:  (mods PT1)

 Plant out - Runner Beans, Climbing French Beans (Plot 146)

               - Runner Beans, Drying Beans, Dwarf French Beans (Plot 145)

               - Sweetcorn2 (PT1)

               - Basil (Greek in pots, Large leaf direct in PT2)

w/b 21/05

Kale: Curly Scarlet, Cavolo lacianiato (mods PT1)

w/b 28/05

Radishes: Amethyst (plot 146)

Plant out - Red cabbage, Calabrese, Cauliflower(Plot 146)

               - Green ballhead cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, PSB (Plot 145)

               - Malabar Spinach (PT2)

               - Leeks (Plot 145 & 146)

               - Courgettes, Winter Squashes (Plots 145 & 146)

               - Aubergines (Giant Cold Frame)

               - Chard (Plot 146)

               - Melon (PT1)

Pak Choi mix

June 2018

w/b 04/06

Carrots: Autumn King 2 (Plot 146)

Turnips: Petrowski (Plot 146)

w/b 11/06

Plant out - Pak Choi (PT1)

               - Lettuce Little Gem (Plot 145)

w/b 18/06

w/b 25/06


Plant out - Lettuce, beetroot,mangetout (Plot 146)

               Kale (Plot 145)

Chinese Dragon Radishes

July 2018

w/b 02/07

Winter Radish: Chinese Dragon. Mooli (direct Plot 146)

w/b 09/07

w/b 16/07

w/b 23/07

Perpetual Spinach (mods PT1)

Mixed mustard greens (mods PT1)

Spring Onions (mods PT1)

Pak Choi: (mods PT1)

Plant out - Florence fennel (Plot 146 & PT1)

August 2018

w/b 04/08

Spring Cabbage: Hispi (mods PT1)

Radicchio: Cesare (mods PT1)

w/b 11/08

w/b 18/08

w/b 25/08

Mustard Greens & Perpetual Spinach

September 2018

w/b 01/09

Rocket: (mods PT1)

Mixed salad leaves (mods PT1)

Lettuce: Winter Density (Mods PT1)

Winter radish:  Mooli, Chinese Dragon (direct PT2)

Turnip: Snowball (direct PT2)

Choy Sum: (direct PT2)

Plant out - mustard greens, perpetual spinach, spring onions, pak choi, radicchio (PT2)

w/b 08/09

 w/b 15/09

w/b 22/09

Plant out -  Autumn onion sets, Autumn garlic, Elephant garlic, Shallots 


w/b 29/09

Hispi cabbage

October 2018


Plant out - Spring Cabbage, Rocket, Lettuce (PT2)




November 2018

December 2018